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Revealed: January 10, 2024 03:56 PM

Whereas his Republican rivals traded hearth, Trump loved a relaxed Fox Information city corridor

One takeaway from tonight’s debate: The candidates attacked Trump — but carefully


Haley and DeSantis say the other was a good governor

Trump advisers sound optimistic note after debate

No need to wean US off oil and gas, Haley and DeSantis agree

Haley and DeSantis say there is no need for Americans to wean themselves off oil and gas when it comes to dealing with climate change.

After the two found much else to spar over Wednesday, both suggested there was no point in the U.S. cutting its fossil fuel use since China was the world’s top polluter. Climate scientists disagree.

“The reason I took us out of the Paris climate agreement was because … they didn’t do anything to hold China and India to account,” said Haley, who was the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. when Trump pulled the country out of the landmark global climate deal.

Both also said they’d target Biden’s climate-friendly efforts as president and suggested that U.S. technology could innovate the country’s way out of climate danger.

‘Here in Florida’

Haley and DeSantis asked about Trump’s call to terminate parts of Constitution

Scenes from the fifth Republican debate

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‘Ballistic podiatry’

In a well-rehearsed zinger during a back-and-forth over Social Security reform, DeSantis joked that Haley has a “problem with ballistic podiatry.”

That means “shooting yourself in the foot every other day,” he quickly explained, drawing an eye roll from Haley.

The joke was a nod to Haley’s recent campaign trail gaffes, among them her omission of slavery when a voter asked her about the causes of the Civil War.

DeSantis campaign ally Rep. Thomas Massie used the term on the social media platform X last week after Haley said in an interview that you “change personalities” going from Iowa to New Hampshire.

“We called this ballistic podiatry at MIT,” the GOP Kentucky congressman wrote.

Raising the retirement age? Haley supports it, DeSantis doesn’t

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Haley mocks DeSantis for campaign challenges

School choice sparks disagreement at GOP debate

DeSantis and Haley are clashing over how they would lead the country in terms of education reform.

Asked about South Carolina’s low ranking in terms of K-12 education during her time as governor, Haley said she advocated for more parent involvement and apprenticeships that “taught our kids how to build the things we’re making.”

DeSantis responded that Haley had “caved to the teachers union” when she was governor and wasn’t able to get school choice. DeSantis says school choice is “universal” in Florida, passed through a state Legislature that has been very favorable to him.

Haley said she “wanted school choice” but that her own state’s Republican legislature wouldn’t do it.

Trump says he already knows who he’d pick as VP

Haley says DeSantis brought ‘most anti-Israel Republican’ to Iowa

Haley pans Biden for not knowing about Austin’s hospitalization

Haley and DeSantis split on support for Ukraine

Haley and DeSantis are splitting on the U.S. continuing support for Ukraine’s defense, with DeSantis suggesting it’s not a top U.S. priority.

DeSantis accused Haley of wanting an “open-ended commitment” of U.S. money and arms for Ukraine. For his part, DeSantis said of Ukraine’s battle against Russian invaders, “we need to find a way to end this.” The U.S. should be focusing instead on the border and competition with China, he said.

Haley cast supporting Ukraine as a vital U.S. priority, saying it was essential to stop Russia’s aggression.

“You do not have to choose” between priorities like the border and Ukraine, she said. “This is about keeping America safe. This is about preventing war.”

DeSantis knocks Haley with ‘pale pastels’ insult

Both candidates evade a question on Trump’s character

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Haley says remark about New Hampshire needing to ‘correct’ Iowa’s decision was a joke

Haley says she was only joking when she told voters in New Hampshire that they would have the opportunity to “correct” the decision made by Iowa caucusgoers.

DeSantis reminded viewers on Wednesday night about her comments and called them insulting.

“She was in another state, and she said the people of Iowa need to be corrected,” DeSantis said. “We don’t need a candidate who is going to look down on middle America.”

“Iowans know when you’re telling a joke,” Haley replied.

Haley touts her UN experience

Haley is pointing to her foreign policy experience pretty often in the opening minutes of the debate.

“I dealt with Russia, Iran, China every day,” she said of her time as U.N. ambassador. “No one ever said I caved. I defended America and I fought for America.”

Haley and DeSantis trade jabs on lies

Where is Trump tonight?

The fifth GOP primary debate is underway

T-minus 10 minutes until showtime. Here’s how to watch along.

Why the Iowa caucuses matter so much

Sorry candidates, but the Drake University mascot might be tonight’s crowd favorite

How do the Iowa Republican caucuses work?

What to watch for tonight

Hear Christie’s hot mic moment

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was overheard on a hot mic saying that Nikki Haley is “going to get smoked” moments before announcing he is dropping out of the Republican presidential race on Wednesday.

Trump’s not on the stage. But he is top of mind.


What’s at stake for Republicans in Iowa?

Dozens of vehicles stranded after Iowa snowstorm


Trump and DeSantis agree: Haley will ‘get smoked’

Who’s left operating for president?

Christie’s announcement narrows the Republican major discipline to 5 candidates:

However these aren’t the one names vying for a spot in opposition to President Joe Biden. A number of candidates are nonetheless competing for the Democratic nomination, and there’s a number of third-party contenders within the combine.

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And with that, the primary race has lost another contender

Chris Christie is ending his Republican presidential bid before Iowa’s leadoff caucuses in a last-ditch effort to deny Donald Trump from a glidepath to the nomination (Jan. 10)

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that he’s ending his Republican presidential bid just days before Iowa’s leadoff caucuses in a last-ditch effort to deny Donald Trump a glidepath to the nomination.

“My goal has never been to be just a voice against the hate and division and the selfishness of what our party has become under Donald Trump,” Christie said at a town hall in New Hampshire.

“I’ve always said that if there came a point in time in this race where I couldn’t see a path to accomplishing that goal, that I would get out,” he said. “And it’s clear to me tonight that there isn’t a path for me to win the nomination, which is why I’m suspending my campaign tonight for president of the United States.”

Christie caught on a hot mic bashing his rivals

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was caught on a hot mic bashing rival Nikki Haley moments before he was expected to end his campaign at a New Hampshire town hall.

“She’s going to get smoked,” he said of Haley, adding: “She’s not up to this.”

He also said that former Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had called him, “petrified,” but the hot mic was cut before he finished speaking.

As his remarks got underway, Christie appeared to defend his performance in the race as former President Donald Trump continues to dominate.

“People don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to hear it. We know we’re right but they don’t want to hear it,” he said. “We couldn’t have been any clearer. We couldn’t have been any more direct or worked any harder.”

Chris Christie is speaking now

By The Associated Press

Christie’s anti-Trump platform didn’t resonate with Republican voters

Haley’s camp hopes to gain Christie’s supporters

Republican presidential candidates former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley talks with former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during a break at the Republican presidential primary debate hosted by NBC News, Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2023. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Republican presidential candidates former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley talks with former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during a break at the Republican presidential primary debate hosted by NBC News, Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2023. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Allies of Nikki Haley, including New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and other anti-Trump Republicans, had been urging Christie to exit, hoping a large portion of his supporters would flock to Haley, giving her a chance to turn the race into a two-candidate contest with Trump, the overwhelming favorite for the nomination.

The New Hampshire poll — which showed Christie at 12% — found about two-thirds of his supporters would select Haley as their second choice.

JUST IN: Christie is planning to end his presidential bid, AP source says

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is planning to announce he’s dropping his Republican presidential bid at his New Hampshire town hall on Wednesday night.

That’s according to a person with direct knowledge of the former New Jersey governor’s plans who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to disclose private discussions.

The news comes as a surprise, given that Christie had staked the success of his campaign on New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, which is less than two weeks away. He had insisted as recently as Tuesday night that he had no plans to leave the race, rebuffing growing calls for him to step aside as he continued to cast himself as the only candidate willing to directly take on the former president.

“I would be happy to get out of the way for someone who is actually running against Donald Trump,” he said at a town hall in Rochester, New Hampshire, while arguing that none of his rivals had stepped up to the plate.

“I’m famous enough. … I’ve got plenty of titles. … The only reason to do this is to win,” he added. “So I’d be happy to get out of the way for somebody if they actually were going against Donald Trump.”

But Christie faced a stark reality: While recent polls showed him reaching the double digits in New Hampshire, Haley shows signs of momentum. A CNN/UNH poll performed within the state this week discovered Trump’s lead all the way down to the only digits, with 4 in 10 probably Republican major voters selecting Trump and about one-third now selecting Haley.

Christie tells allies he plans to make main announcement at New Hampshire city corridor, AP supply says

Tonight’s stakes are excessive, particularly for Haley

As DeSantis and Haley face off in Iowa GOP debate, urgency may spark fireworks


DeSantis left an necessary merchandise in Florida when he flew again to Iowa after delivering his State of the State deal with Tuesday.

“I truly do have a winter coat,” DeSantis advised a building contractors conference in Des Moines on Wednesday. “And I forgot it. I left it at house.”

The temperatures for Iowa have been under freezing and headed to under zero by means of Monday’s caucuses. DeSantis advised the gang that his workers was hustling his coat from Tallahassee earlier than he headed as much as even-chillier northwest Iowa on Thursday.

“I feel I’ll want far more than that,” he stated. “I feel I’m going to want the earmuffs and all that stuff.”

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