Syntiant NDP200 Neural Decision Processor Gets Trained to Play DOOM Using Very Little Power


Syntiant NDP200 Neural Decision Processor DOOM
Syntiant NDP200 Neural selection Processor gets educated to Play DOOM using very little energy
Synthetic intelligence has come an extended way in recent years, however one among the most important demanding situations for AI builders is creating algorithms which can perform complicated tasks with very little electricity. This is where the Syntiant NDP200 Neural Decision Processor comes in.
What is Syntiant NDP200?


Syntiant NDP200 is a low-power neural network processor designed for use in battery-powered devices such as smartphones, wearables, and IoT devices. It’s miles mainly designed to technique sensor facts and make decisions based totally on that facts, making it perfect for packages along with voice recognition, picture reputation, and herbal language processing.

Training Signiant NDP200 to Play DOOM

Recently, researchers at the University of California Irvine used the Syntiant NDP200 to train an AI algorithm to play DOOM, a popular first-person shooter game. The goal of the project was to demonstrate the capabilities of the NDP200 when it comes to performing complex tasks with very little power.


The researchers used a technique called reinforcement learning to train the AI algorithm to play DOOM. Reinforcement learning involves rewarding the AI algorithm when it makes the right decision and punishing it when it makes the wrong decision. Over time, the algorithm learns to make better decisions based on the rewards and punishments it receives.

The Results

The results of the project were impressive. Despite being trained on a low-power device, the AI algorithm was able to achieve a high level of proficiency in playing DOOM. It was able to navigate the game world, identify enemies, and make decisions about when to attack and when to retreat.
One of the key advantages of using the Syntiant NDP200 for this project was its low power consumption. The processor was able to perform the complex calculations needed for the AI algorithm to play DOOM while using very little power. This makes it an ideal solution for battery-powered devices that require AI capabilities.

The Future of Syntiant NDP200

The fulfillment of this mission highlights the potential of the Syntiant NDP200 for use in a extensive variety of applications. With its low strength intake and ability to perform complex calculations, it is nicely-applicable to be used in IoT devices, wearables, and other battery-powered devices that require AI capabilities.

As AI becomes increasingly important in our daily lives, low-power processors such as the Syntiant NDP200 will play a critical role in enabling the next generation of smart devices. With its ability to perform complex tasks using very little power, the Syntiant NDP200 is poised to become a key component in the future of AI-enabled devices.

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