Programmer Spends a Month Creating Turn-Based Super Mario 2 Wart’s Revenge Game

Turn-Based Super Mario 2 Wart's Revenge Game
Programmer Spends a Month growing flip-primarily based awesome Mario 2 Wart’s Revenge recreation
A programmer has these days won interest in the gaming network for spending a month growing a flip-primarily based extraordinary Mario 2 recreation. The game, titled “Wart’s Revenge,” is a fan-made sequel to the classic Super Mario 2 game and features a unique turn-based combat system. Let’s take a closer look at this impressive project.


The programmer behind “Wart’s Revenge” is a self-taught game developer named Samuel Sprague. He has been interested in game development for several years and has created a number of smaller projects in the past. However, “Wart’s Revenge” is his most ambitious project to date.

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The Game

“Wart’s Revenge” is a fan-made sequel to the classic Super Mario 2 game. In the original game, Mario and his friends must navigate a dream world and defeat the evil Wart. In “Wart’s Revenge,” players once again take control of Mario and his friends as they face off against Wart and his minions.
The most unique aspect of “Wart’s Revenge” is its turn-based combat system. Players take turns moving their characters and using different abilities to defeat enemies. This system adds a new level of strategy to the game and sets it apart from the original Super Mario 2.

Turn-Based Super Mario 2 Wart's Revenge Game

The Development Process

In line with Sprague, he spent around a month working on “Wart’s Revenge.” He used the harmony game engine to create the sport and created all the art and music himself. He also had to create the turn-based combat system from scratch, which he admits was a difficult but rewarding challenge.
Sprague has said that he was inspired to create “Wart’s Revenge” because he felt that Super Mario 2 was an underrated game that didn’t get the recognition it deserved. He wanted to create a fan-made sequel that would capture the spirit of the original while also introducing new elements to the gameplay.

The Reception

“Wart’s Revenge” has received a lot of attention from the gaming community since its release. Many fans of the original Super Mario 2 have praised the game for its faithful recreation of the characters and world, as well as its unique turn-based combat system.
Some have also noted that the game’s difficulty level is quite high, which may be a turn-off for some players. However, this is in keeping with the challenging nature of the original Super Mario 2.


Overall, “Wart’s Revenge” is an impressive achievement for a self-taught game developer who spent just a month creating it. The turn-based combat system adds a new level of strategy to the classic Super Mario 2 gameplay, and the fan-made sequel has been well-received by the gaming community. It will be interesting to see what Samuel Sprague comes up with next in his game development journey.

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