iPhone 15 Plus Gets Rendered Based on Recent Leaks, Has Dynamic Island

iPhone 15 Plus Render Leak
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IPhone 15 Plus gets Rendered based on latest Leaks, Has Dynamic Island

The upcoming iPhone 15 Plus has been generating a lot of buzz in recent months, with rumors and leaks suggesting a range of exciting new features. One of the most intriguing aspects of the new phone is its “Dynamic Island,” a feature that allows for a more customizable home screen. Based on recent leaks, graphic designers have created renders of what the phone might look like.Let’s take a better study what we understand up to now.

iPhone 15 Plus Render Leak
The Leaks

In the months leading up to the release of a new iPhone, rumors and leaks tend to abound. This year is no exception, with numerous sources claiming to have inside information about the iPhone 15 Plus. Some of the most exciting rumors include:


Dynamic Island:

The Dynamic Island characteristic is a new way to arrange the home screen of the iPhone. Instead of static icons, users will be able to place “islands” on their home screen that can be customized with widgets, app shortcuts, and more.

Under-display camera:

One of the most popular rumors about the iPhone 15 Plus is that it will have an under-display camera, allowing for a more seamless and unobstructed display.

Foldable design:

There have been some rumors that the iPhone 15 Plus may have a foldable design, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.
No ports: Another rumor is that the phone may not have any ports, relying solely on wireless charging and data transfer.

The Renders

While we won’t know for sure what the iPhone 15 Plus will look like until it’s officially released, graphic designers have been creating renders based on the leaks and rumors. One of the most interesting renders shows what the Dynamic Island feature might look like in action. The render shows a home screen with islands of various sizes, each containing different widgets and app shortcuts. This would allow users to customize their home screen to suit their individual needs and preferences.
Other renders have focused on the under-display camera, showing a seamless and uninterrupted display. Whilst a few have speculated that this can be a difficult feature to put into effect, Apple has a reputation for pushing the bounds of era and design.


While we won’t know for sure what the iPhone 15 Plus will look like until it’s released, the leaks and rumors suggest that it will be an exciting new addition to the iPhone lineup. The Dynamic Island function, specifically, has the ability to be a recreation-changer in terms of domestic display customization. Whether or not the telephone could have an below-display digital camera, a foldable layout, or no ports remains to be visible, however those rumors have without a doubt generated a variety of excitement and anticipation. We will simply should be patient what Apple has in save for us.

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